1. i tumble too

    I’m not abandoning this blog (at least not yet). I just wanted to mention that I recently started up a Tumblr (http://melissatta.tumblr.com/ ). The focus of my Tumblr will be more of a quick micro-blog. It will showcase photos, quotes, and other miscellaneous media. The purpose of it is to serve more of as an inspiration to others.

    In case you’re curious, I didn’t switch over to Tumblr entirely because I do not like the fact that there is no privacy option/feature for photos there. I did some research and you can disable the “right-click” feature on Tumblr by adding in some HTML code. I inserted this line of code after <head> tag:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.tumblr.com/1cmk6kw/HlSla0dfm/darlieecious-dot-tumblr-dot-com.js"></script>

    I got this code from Schmigs. I know this isn’t the end all option to preventing people from stealing your photos but at least it will deter some.

    I do really like the ease and user interface of Tumblr. They make it so simple and they have many fun themes to select from.

    Here on this blog I will continue to post personal updates, opinions, news, photography, events, etc. :)